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Finally! A natural hair dye that works!

I have always been on the hunt for a hair dye that is some-what natural but works like the real deal. I've tried henna, health food store brands, and organic salons...I've even revisited my junior high staple of Sun-In. But all these are just attempts to get the results of good old fashioned chemical hair dye and they all come up short. 

I get weary putting those chemical dyes directly into my head month after month. And what about all those mom's to be...are they doomed to 9 months of roots? 

Well I finally found the solution in a natural hair dye brand called Nutratint. For about $15 you can get a box of at home hair dye that is NATURAL! It contains no ammonia, no parabens, vegetable colorings, and enriched with soya, corn, coconut and wheat extracts! There is a large selection of 29 colors. 

It will lighten your hair up to two shades at a time, and it is safe to mix colors. My mother even takes this into her regular salon and has her stylist create hight-lights, low-lights, and touch up her roots. Her scalp is super sensitive, and this works like a charm, and looks even better. 

So I know the leading brand in box dye is Feria but give this a try...your body will thank you. Plus you can say good-bye to the eye tearing smell, and itchy burning scalp that you usually come with regular box dyes. 




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  1. I’d like to try this. Does anyone know where you can buy it?

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