Become a Sassable Coach

Sassable partners with independent expert health coaches to provide the best available coaching and advice to our members.

Do you love helping your clients overcome obstacles to living their best life? Do you love inspiring them to change what holds them back? Do you have specialist expertise in any of the following areas that affect wellness including fitness, nutrition, sleep, social connection, mindfulness, stress management and healing?

There are 2 aspects our members find most challenging in their pursuit of wellness:

  • The over-supply of both misinformation and generic information that may not be applicable or helpful for them personally, and
  • Breaking through old habits and limiting beliefs that hinder them from making positive changes.
Sassable is not a substitute for medical care, medical treatment or complementary healthcare services.

Find out more about becoming a Sassable Coach here.

  • Our members prepay for coaching minutes either 5, 30 or 120 minutes per month and with adhoc add-on packages of 4 hours each. 
  • Coaching is delivered via telephone or direct message through our platform.
  • Members will be shown a list of 3-5 coaches according to their answers to self-assessment and goal setting questionnaires they complete 2-6 times per year. Members can then choose from their recommended coaches and opt to book a time with you, or to direct message you a question through the platform.
  • Whether doing a coaching call or responding to messages, your time will be logged and billable to us.


Coaches are paid AU$70 per hour.
Premium and Elite Coaches are paid AU$105 and AU$140 per hour respectively.  The total number of active Premium and Elite coaches is capped at 25% of the total number of active coaches on the platform.
When you apply to become a coach you can nominate as an Essential, Premium or Elite level coach.
Coaches residing in Australia should have and provide an ABN number prior to release of their first fee payment.

Managing your availability

When you log in as a coach, you will be able to manage your calendar either with standard hours each week, casual hours on specific dates, or by appointment only. Coaches may offer availability for anywhere from 4 hours to 200 hours per month.

Other questions?

Please email Debbie at with any further questions you have.
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