Electrolysis Hair Removal: Do or Don't?


Electrolysis Hair Removal: Do or Don’t?

By Christine Wheaton, Sassable staff writer


Hairless skin is sexy, no doubt about that. Electrolysis hair removal is the ONLY method of PERMANENT hair removal recognized by the FDA. Although completely permanent results are not iron-clad guaranteed, this is as good as it gets. Electrolysis can be used on most parts of the body to remove hair. 


How does Electrolysis work?


Your unwanted hair doesn’t stand a chance. It basically ruins, kills, and destroys the hair follicle during it’s growth stage, therefore impairing it to grow. It does this by a tiny probe entering each hair follicle and destroying it at the root with an electrical current.  But because it works on each individual hair and each one might be in a different stage then growth (like shedding or resting), you will have to come back often to fully achieve permanent hair removal. 


How long does Electrolysis last?


Well it is permanent once you catch all the hairs in the growth stage. But before then, you will probably experience some re-growth, just much more sparse and thin then before. It depends on the person and amount of hair you are removing but it is possible to have to come back a dozen times before you can really say bon voyage.  


Does Electrolysis hurt? 


The little probe is in fact a little needle, so yes, it is a bit of a sting, but nothing to cry home to mum about. And once the first few are over, it gets less and less noticeable. 


Is Electrolysis better than laser hair removal?


The great thing about Electrolysis is that it does not need hair pigment to track like laser.    So if you were not a candidate for laser hair removal, you are in luck with Electrolysis...plus it gets the highest result rating out of all the hair removal methods. 


How much does Electrolysis cost?


About $50 per half an hour is the general approximation. 


Are there any risks to Electrolysis?


There is the possibility of skin discoloration but usually only if the procedure is done incorrectly. So make sure the place you choose is reputable. So other than a temporary skin irritation, Electrolysis is safe, tried and true, and effective. 

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