Eye Care


The eyes are the windows to the soul, right? Well then we want them to look as beautiful and soulful as possible! I have seen amazing things done with the slightest of improvements. You will be shocked at how much those peepers of yours can pop with a few little treatments and tips. 

If you are neglecting your eye bows, that is lesson number one in how to make your eyes more stunning. The brows frame the eyes and will make your eyes stand out with the proper care. Get those babies tinted, threaded, waxed, whatever you need to do to whip them into gear, it makes all the difference. At the very least get them shaped and use a brow pencil or powder to fill them in. Go to your local makeup counter and have them fill them in for you initially so you can see the difference for yourself, and then repeat at home. 

Another great trick is to get some eyelash love! Eyelashes give you that wide eyed, awake, flirty look. You can get eyelash extensions, wear false lashes, or just go with a lash tint or perm. The guys won't know what hit them, oh that's right, the wind...from you batting your lashes! I also recommend the eyelash growing product Latisse, this stuff seriously works! Check out our blog post on it. 

And finally, of course the obvious way to make your eyes more striking, is makeup. Here are a few eye brightening tips:

-try liquid or gel liner to give yourself a defined line close to your lashes

-use a light shimmery eyeshadow dabbed in the inner corners of your eyes, I like silver and gold personally. 

-use a shade of eyeshadow a few notches lighter then your skin tone and maybe with a slight shimmer to highlight your brown bone placing it right under the outer half of your brow. 

-use a yellow based or pink concealer under the eyes to counter under eye circles.