Perming and Tinting your Eyelashes! No More Raccoon Eyes!


By Christine Wheaton, Sassable staff writer


I’ve got two words for you: perm and tint. 

There are these nifty little treatments you can do to your eyelashes that make your eyes look bigger, flirty, and literally jump off your face. And those treatments are eyelash perming and eyelash tinting. They are pretty affordable and take no time at all. Such a minor change makes a major impact. 


Eyelash Perming. 

Eyelash perming started in the 90’s and gained popularity in the 2000’s. It is especially popular with Asian clientele as many of their lashes are naturally straight, but looks fantastic on anyone. What happens is the lashes are rolled onto mini spongey rollers and usually held there with an eye safe glue. Then the perming gel is applied to the lashes and left there for about 5-10 minutes. Just like a regular perm, the gel contains chemicals that are harmful to the skin so make sure your technician knows what she’s doing. After the perming she should then apply a conditioner to the lashes. Eyelash perms should last about a month. As old lashes fall out, new ones that grow in will not be curled and the effect will loose it’s, well, effectiveness. Eyelash perming will take about 20-30 minutes and will run you $30-$70. 


Eyelash Tinting. 

Eyelash tinting is really a hidden gem of awesomeness. You know how you look before and after you put on your mascara? Well you can have that mascara look 24/7 with eyelash tinting. Are you going on a tropical vacation? We all hate the dreaded raccoon eye you get when you go in the water with mascara, but you don’t want to walk around with NO mascara, and waterproof mascara is just a pain in the rear to remove. Eyelash tinting is the solution. It will last also about a month and takes just minutes to brush on the eye safe vegetable based dye. This is perfect for someone who has light lashes, sensitive eyes, contact wearers who cannot tolerate mascara. But it is also great for someone who is interested in shaving minutes off their morning routine or looking doe-eyed at all times. Honestly, eyelash tinting would be great for everyone in my opinion. It takes only 15 minutes and costs $20-$40. 


Both procedures will really pack a punch in making your eyes stand out and both can be done to your lashes. There are home kits available for doing both eyelash perming and eyelash tinting, but I do not recommend it. Leave something as important as your eyes to the professionals.