A Mother's Day Makeup Tip!


Hey there busy mums (Happy Mother's Day!) AND daughters too, do I have a makeup tip for you! I was watching Oprah one day and her makeup artist Reggie Wells was on. He used an InStyle best buy finishing spray called Model in a Bottle $16. OMG I wish I had known about this product years ago. As a professional makeup artist, I always use some sort of spray to set the makeup, but nothing like this! You spray it on the face and wait about 5 minutes. You will feel your skin tightening a bit and voila! Your makeup is good to go for like...ever! It is built to resist water, heat, humidity, cold, you name it. It will look as good at 10pm as it did when you put it on at 8am. There are a few other companies that make a product like this, the only one I have found that compares is a new product by Urban Decay called All Nighter about $30. Check 'em out you won't be sorry!