DIY Pedicure: Points to Ponder


There’s no doubt that a pedicure is one of those little things you can enjoy by yourself. Treating yourself to a home pedicure every once in a while can really be relaxing, not to mention the giddy feeling after you’ve cleaned or have decorated your nails after. Although it is a very much rewarding and fulfilling activity there are some things you should be aware of and make sure of (likewise there are some tips that can improve your DIY pedicure).

Since a pedicure is a cleaning process, then you better make sure that all of your tools are also clean. From the nail cutter to your hands, make sure everything is squeaky clean. An accidental infection would be very ironic if it came from a pedicure.

If you’ve previously applied nail polish, make sure you’ve thoroughly scrubbed them off before starting anything else. Always remember that removing nail polish is always the first order of business. For darker colors, you may have to spend more time scrubbing them off with polish remover or acetone.

Dipping your feet into some warm water before starting the pedicure can do some good for your feet. This makes sure the nails and skin are softer and more relaxed when the pedicure starts. This means easier cleaning and relaxed feet right after. For a more spa or salon feel to it, try adding epsom salts and give a nice gently scrub for your feet’s skin.

A worthy note though, try not to shave before you soak your feet. Shaving can cause tiny cuts on the skin where bacteria can enter. Again, emphasis on sterile tools.

Finally when cutting your toenails, cut straight across to prevent ingrown nails to form. You don’t want to deal with them when they’re there, plus it really doesn’t look all that nice.

Always try to keep these tips in mind when you’re doing your pedicure, but always remember that you’re doing the pedicure to relax yourself. So take it easy and enjoy your home spa experience.

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