HCG Diet-the New Diet to Take Over the World!


There is always some diet that seems to spread like wildfire every few years, this year it is the HCG diet. HGC stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropan. It is a natural hormone that the body produces when it is pregnant to ensure that the baby is getting the proper nutrients. Essentially, this hormone when introduced to the body when it is not pregnant and in conjunction with a 500 calorie a day diet, will make the body mobilize and eat up it's stored fat to "feed the baby". By doing this very low calorie diet along with taking HCG you will reset your metabolism to where it should be naturally for you. You will also not loose muscle tissue and keep your bodies "good fat" on the HGC diet which is one of the cons of other low calorie diets. HCG will also curb your appetite so you are not starving since your body is literally "eating" 3500-4000 calories of stored fat a day! 

HCG comes in many different forms. You can go the shot injection route which is given by a doctor usually. They will inject the hormone directly into the body along with regular vitamin shots. I also recommend taking a protein supplement to protect your hair and nails during the diet. You can go the homeopathic route which is drops or spray under the tongue that triggers your body to create it's own HCG hormone. Generally most people do about 3 weeks of intense 500 calorie days and then 3 weeks of a maintenance plan of no sugar and no carbs before you can be fully reset and back to normal. After this you can do the whole diet again if you want to loose more weight. 

I have had friends that have lost up to 60 lbs on this diet, although they were substantially overweight. I would say the average is 20-30 lbs for a normal person in just 3 weeks. That is amazing! One of my co-workers even had a pleasant side effect of her menopausal hormones being regulated after the diet so she no longer gets hot flashes or mood swings. I have seen this diet in action and it really works, I say good for them! It will jump start a new life for all that use it. It promotes healthy living and eating with a diet of mostly lean meats, veggies, whole grains, and lots of water. 

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