Day Spa Packages-Have You Been Missing Out??


By Christine Wheaton, Sassable staff writer


I recently had a glorious spa day with my mum. We were pampered from head to toe! We started with anti-aging facials boasting two masks, exfoliation, vitamin C and seaweed treatments, oxygen steam, and extraction. Followed by an amazing full body massage and luxurious spa pedicure. I went with fresh creamy off-white toes while my mum went more neutral with a pinky nude. We were there for about 3 hours and afterwards we felt like a million bucks! You probably thought we had to spend about that much to get all this these days huh? Oh contraire! 


Most spas have Day Spa Packages where you can get a bunch of services in a sweet money saving bundle. Not only that but many spas have specific days and times that are considered “off-peak” and will discount their day spa services at those times. So not only did my mom and I go in on a slow Tuesday morning, we also got the bundle so the savings were substantial getting all three treatments for just over $100 each! Give your local spa a call or visit their website and find out what day spa packages and specials they offer. So next time you have a day off (or MAKE yourself a day off) grab your mum, nana, bff, sister, daughter, neighbor, random lady at the market...and make it a girls “Day Spa Package” event! Hooray! Sometimes you just need a break, where YOU are the one taken care of. You deserve it, and these tips make it affordable.