Total Body Confidence

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Total Body Confidence

New 12 month program commencing 15th July 2017.

Package A B C
Half day live seminar (Sydney City/Inner West location) 15th July
6 week intensive program which treats the whole being, mind and body
Celebration Dinner 26th August
12 month online training and support
12 month group coaching
Monthly checkins  
Monthly one-to-one coaching    
Price $1337 $1497 $2577
Early Bird purchase before Sunday 30th April
20% off (saving of $300)
Early Early Bird purchase before Sunday 16th April
30% off (saving of $450)

Follow-up events: 

Anniversary Dinner September 2018  
6 year Reunion Dinner 2023

About the program:

This is a 12 month guided pathway to total body confidence.

Full details of the 6 week intensive including work book and cheat sheets will be provided at the half-day seminar on 15th July, 2017.  
The 6 week intensive is an integrated program of mindset and metabolic change. It combines a slow carb diet and m.e.d (minimum effective dose) strength training with daily rituals in self-love and acceptance to re-align your self-image during a period of accelerated body reshaping. You will be supported with bi-weekly group coaching sessions delivered via webinar and at the end of the 6 weeks we will celebrate with a group dinner.

Online resources will include videos, training modules and interactive tools to target specific issues as relevant to you through the 12 months such as stress management, emotional eating, female fat burning, brain science, money management, anti-aging, posture and flexibility, healthy eating, endurance training, meditation, etc.

Monthly check-ins will consist of 20 minutes telephone coaching with follow-up by email. Monthly one-to-one coaching extends this to a full hour of telephone coaching per month which can be rolled forward or back depending on your individual journey to Total Body Confidence over the full 12 months.

About your trainer and coach:

Debbie Smith is a body coach and certified NLP practitioner living in Sydney's Inner West. Her highest values are health and freedom and she considers laughing often an essential component of both. Her interests outside of mindset, diet and health include long distance running, business, travel and learning languages.