5 Tips for Keeping Your Fingernails Looking Beautiful

When you first meet someone you will often shake hands with them. Right
away you will notice their hands. Fingernails speak reams 
about you as a person. When you see someone with an immaculate
French manicure you will know that you are probably 
going to encounter a person who really cares about the way they 
look, but also prefers a more traditional look. On the other hand 
when you notice someone with different nail polish you know that 
this is probably someone who may be exciting to know. Cracked
badly kept nails will tell a whole different story about you 
and the way you view yourself. This is why you need to look after 
your nails and keep your respect when you meet new people.

Another reason is that infections in your nails are not pleasant and can be
harmful to your overall health. People will shy away from those 
who have nasty looking nails in fear that they may get something if 
they shake hands. This is very embarrassing and can be avoided by
taking care at the right time. Here are some tips to help you keep
your nails healthy.

•Nutrition: Good nail health begins with the basics. You are what you eat 
and your fingernails are no exception. Try to eat a healthy balanced
diet to keep your overall health good and nails strong. Two 
elements of your diet that directly affect your nails will be calcium 
and vitamin E. Calcium is found in dairy products and green leafy 
vegetables like spinach and broccoli. You can also get your daily 
helping of calcium by drinking delicious yogurt shakes for breakfast 
or snack time. Berries contain vitamin E so you will get both calcium
and vitamin E with yogurt fruit shakes. Try to use frozen 
berries or fresh ones for maximum nutrition and be sure that no 
sugar is added. You can add your own sweetener for a better taste.

•Protect your nails and hands: Protect your hands and nail cuticles when it 
is cold outside. This will keep your nails stronger and less liable to 
crack and get damaged. Try to protect your nails and hands by 
wearing gloves when you work in the garden or clean the house.

•Natural look: it is nice to have your nails done at the local beauty parlor 
but over time this can create havoc on your nails. Try to give your 
nails a break and use natural products to remove nail polish and 
take care of your nails. Natural nails are in fashion so just put a little
clear nail polish on them or just let your nails “be themselves” 
whenever you can. Try to give your nails a rest from acrylic nails for 
a few days if possible. This allows them time to breathe and recover
their natural shine.

•Apply lotion: When you apply a good lotion to your hands you will also
be nourishing your nails and cuticles. This will help your nails 
keep healthy and strong. Especially remember to do this after you 
wash your hands and when the weather is cold.

•Try to keep your nails clean: this is especially important when you work 
out in the yard. The garden earth is good for plants but should be 
cleaned thoroughly out of your nails. If you know you are doing a lot
of yard work during the summer try to keep your nails short over 
these months. This will prevent bacteria from getting down in your 
nails and causing problems.

One of the best parts about fingernails is, its easy to them looking pretty 
with just a bit of polish. Taking care of your nails is something you 
can do yourself, or pay someone else to do to it. No one likes to see 
dirty nails.

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