Having Trouble Exercising?

Whether we like it or not, the hardest part of starting an exercise routine is the first week of getting yourself to work out a sweat. While we're never too lazy to quit exercising, we always find excuses not to exercise- and this is especially so when you're just...


The anti-stress benefits of massage

We all have those days where we just want to fall asleep on that plush bed. But with the hectic days and nights at work and at school, sleep is a luxury these days.

One of the most common things for stressed-out women to do is have...


Ask Your Stylist For The Perfect Haircut


Isn't every woman's conscious (or subconscious) dream to have that perfect haircut? In fact, we spend months cursing our growing hair just because it doesn't grow as nice as it looked when you first stepped out of the salon. 

Throughout the years, I've changed stylists a number...


Makeup to try: Airbrush Makeup

There are just about a few occasions where you have to go all out on the makeup- like the red carpet, of course. Weddings, galas, balls, (or perhaps an interview with Ellen) these are events where you don your Carolina Herreras, Louboutins, and Versaces. Of course, you also...

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