Ear Candling-Does it Work?


By Christine Wheaton, Sassable staff writer




Ear Candling-ummmm what?


I have always wanted to know what this was all about, because it just sounds so bizarre! Well after some research I have found that it is quite a heated topic. Yep, ear candling is controversial. 


I have known friends that love it and swear by it. Claiming that it allows them to hear better and relieve them of sinus headaches. I have also run into skeptics that think it is all a hoax. Ear candling in an ancient "folk" practice that is used all over the world. It is definitely more affordable and comfortable then the usual method of getting your ear drum blasted with water by a doctor. 


How ear candling works: 


You lie on your side and take a hollow cone shaped candle and put the pointy side in your ear. Actually you have someone else do this for you. Do not attempt alone-that is how fires get started! So once someone ELSE puts the pointy side in your ear they attach a little plate and put it around the candle to catch anything from falling on you, aaannnd then they light the end. I know it sounds crazy and kinda dangerous but if done correctly, it is harmless. The fire (you feel no heat by the way) and the cone are supposed to create a suction which draws out wax and toxins from the body. There are claims that it even suctions out toxic fluids all the way down the spine. I don’t know if I buy that, but the the other stuff sounds pretty feasible. The flame is left to burn for about 10-15 minutes and then it is extinguished. You then cut open the cone and see mushy brown wax that apparently came from inside your skull. Whoaaaa and eeeewwww. Repeat on the other side. (The candles come with detailed directions, or you can go to a holistic spa that does it for you)


Pros and Cons:


People claim ear candling has improved many impairments for them, here is a list:


bad or muffled hearing (especially from hearing aid build up)

ear aches

sinus pain or pressure





On the other spectrum, non-believers think it is all smoke and mirrors. They say that the wax you see when you cut open the candle is just candle wax. They even take it a step further and say it makes it WORSE by depositing candle wax into the ear. Science tests claim there is no such “suction vortex” that happens when you light the candle. So here we have the practical science vs. the alternative believers.The low down in my opinion is this, the candles are only $3-8 a piece, you can get them online if you want. Do your own experiment and see for yourself if you feel better. If you have one of those ear instruments like doctor’s use, you can do a before and after peek that can help you make your decision. Either way, it’s a good time, kinda fun actually...and I did feel clearer, maybe it’s all in my head, but for $7 total, it was worth it.