A-mazing New Futuristic Curling System "TheO"

Cloud Nine Hair has long been known for their miracle working straightener GHD (stands for "Good Hair Day"). But now they have proved they are more than just a one miracle product company with the release of their new state of the art curling system "TheO". This little pod-like bucket heats up a special velcro lightweight roller that adds intense body and shine but eliminates frizz. The curler is heated from the inside out using heat induction technology (fancy electrical currents and magnetic fields) and "TheO" will beep when the curler is ready at 130 degrees in only 4 seconds! That's right people, 4 seconds! 

"TheO" uses about 7 times LESS energy than traditional curlers and the pod stays cool to the touch the whole time. The curlers are cool right when they come out of the pod since the core is fully heated and will gradually heat up as it sits in the hair...then once the light on the curler fades (after about ten minutes), your hair has cooled and set...the result? The most gorgeous, bouncy, shiny, long lasting curls with volume! 

Although beauty comes with a price at $249 for the system and $29 for each pack of 4 curlers...but, it should last you forever and save you tons of time getting ready. 

For you stylists out there, this is a must have. It's light, easy to travel with, and creates magazine ready hair in minutes. Click here to watch a video on how it works.