The Crazy Bandz Craze


Have you seen or heard about these things? They are all over the States. Every child and teen from the age of 1-17 has them adorned on their wrists. Now I see them on adults too! The cashier who rung me up the other day had a wrist full of them, she was probably in her late twenties! They are basically colorful silicon bracelets that are formed into all sorts of shape outlines. Animals, fairy tales, sweet treats, sports, reptiles, you name it, there is something for everyone! If you get these Crazy Bandz for a child in your life (about $5 for 24), you are soooo in. But if you feel just a little silly wearing them yourself, I have found a cool alternative...Scunci makes these super cute and colourful GEL hair elastics that are more gentle on your hair, stay put better with no-slip grip, AND look really fun on your wrist when they are not in your hair. At $2.99 for a pack of 14, it's a steal! 

silly bandz.jpggel hair bands.jpg