Foods That You Should Buy Organic


There are foods that slowly kill our system in the guise of fresh produce. Lately, there has a resurgence of farm fresh foods and organic markets that cater to the needs of people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. Products range from fruits to dairy to meat, but it is undoubtedly one of the more expensive lot. So, are they really worth every penny? Will they make you live longer? Are they really organic? Here's a list of foods that you should buy organic.


Apples tops the list of produce that undergoes the most number of pesticides and fertilizers. In fact, over 40 pesticides are used in a single batch before they are sent out to the market. The skin of apples are quite thin permitting pesticides to get absorbed. It's also a big factor to consider if you plan on leaving the skin on when eating it.


Milk, cheese, and butter is a staple ingredient in many children's recipes and snacks. Organic dairy products are taken from cows that have been feed organic food. These don't contain meat, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers.


Meat is also a staple in many households. Organic ones are not fed food that contain pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and growth hormones. These are also livestock that are allowed to graze or stroll on fields allowing for ample sunlight and fresh air.


Celery has over 60 pesticides sprayed all over before it reaches the market. If you can't find organic celery, onions and broccoli are good substitutes that have the same crunch and almost the same freshness.


Potatoes are grown underneath the soil, so a good amount of pesticides are used to prevent parasites from burrowing into the ground. It's a heavy price to pay, since the potato is perhaps the world's favorite vegetable.

Peppers and Lettuce

Peppers and lettuce are never peeled. This means that it doesn't matter how you cook your food- the skin or surface will be there and that's where the pesticides settle.

Baby Food

Baby food is something that you shouldn't skimp on. Whether it's commercial or homemade, you would always want the best for your child especially when he or she is at such a tender stage. 

We understand that organic food is much more expensive than non-organic food, and that not every household can afford it. So here's a list of safe non-organic food that you could buy everday.

Peeled Fruits

Peeled Vegetables






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