Your Basic Guide to Organic Food


Upon mention of the term “health food” people almost always think of organic food. It may be a slight misnomer because organic food isn’t the only health food. Organic food is merely labeled as organic because they’re grown without the use of special chemicals like dangerous pesticides and growth additives.

Most of these chemicals have harmful properties and contain stuff called carcinogens which are cancer inducing. This makes them more popular than most commercially grown foods because they don’t have cancerous properties. Most processed foods have so much chemicals in them that the regular buyers don’t know what to make of them.

Naturally grown or organic foods tend to have more of the naturally occurring vitamins in them than processed foods. This is because processed foods get most of their properties artificially, even their flavor is chemically induced.

Not only do these organic foods have cancer preventing and fighting properties, they also help fight off other diseases and help keep the body even healthier and more vibrant. They help detoxify the body and making sure that no harmful chemicals stay in and the body gets all of the good stuff.

What’s even better about most organic food is that they’re cheaper than most processed foods and meats. Soy, for example is cheaper than meat and healthier than it too.

Consider the following benefits of consuming organic food:

1. Less risk of acquiring or accumulating carcinogens. Since organic food is unprocessed, there is very little risk of you consuming carcinogens which will prove to be both costly, painful, and sometimes fatal.

2. More antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. Organic food is unprocessed. This means that they keep their natural characteristics and composition intact thereby giving you more of the stuff your body needs to function well.

3. Much more flavorful. Organic food does not contain artificial flavors which alters the taste even for just a little bit. You benefit when you use them in cooking because you get the fullest flavor the ingredients have to offer.

Switching to all organic food may be too much for some people given the lifestyles of most people today. If you can’t do it, then at least try to incorporate it into your diet to make sure you at least get more vitamins and nutrients from a less harmful source.

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Do you consume organic food on a daily basis? Tell us more about the benefits that you see or have experienced with it?